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One of MCPI-Reborn's main modifications is a sound-engine since MCPI does not include one by default1. However, it can't be used out-of-box because MCPI does not contain any sound data and MCPI-Reborn can't include it because of copyright.

MCPE's sound data can be extracted from any MCPE v0.6.12 APK file, just place its libminecraftpe.so into ~/.minecraft-pi/overrides3 and you should have sound!

  1. The mute button is just leftover code from MCPE, it does not actually do anything in un-modded MCPI, however it is connected to MCPI-Reborn's sound-engine. ↩︎

  2. This is not a hard limit, an MCPE v0.8.1 APK would probably work, but don't rely on it. ↩︎

  3. On Flatpak, the path is ~/.var/app/com.thebrokenrail.MCPIReborn/.minecraft-pi/overrides. ↩︎