Minecraft: Pi Edition Modding Project https://mcpirevival.tk/
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# Changelog
3 months ago
* Fix Crash When OpenAL Is Unavailable
* Fix Command Input In Server
* Fix Bug In Texture Scaling Code
* Scale Animated Textures
* Add More Blocks To Expanded Creative Inventory
* Reduce Unnecessary Logging
* Log IPs In Server Mode
* Instead Of Crashing, Disable Polling Block Hits In Survival Mode Using The API
* Fix Crash When Taking Odd-Sized Screenshots
* Add More Missing Sound Events
* Make Missing Sound Event Cause Warning Rather Than Crash
* Prevent ``random.burp`` Sound From Crashing Game
* Always Cleanup Media Layer, Even On Crash
* Resolve All Sounds On Startup
4 months ago
* Sound Support
* Split Off "Allow Joining Survival Servers" From Game-Mode Mod
* Separate Headless Code From Server Code
* Fix Bug Where ``RakNetInstance`` Starts Pinging Potential Servers Before The "Join Game" Screen Is Opened
4 months ago
* Clean-Up Code
* Remove Support For Debian Buster
* Fix Crash On ARM Systems
* Fix On 64-Bit ARM Systems
* Optimize Media Layer Proxy
* Print Error Message If RakNet Fails To Start
* Fix ``RakNet::RakString`` Security Bug
* Workaround Broken Library Search Path On Some ARM 32-Bit Systems
* Fix Library Loading On ARM 32-Bit Systems
7 months ago
* Fix Symlink Code
7 months ago
* Allow Binding ``Q`` Key To Item Dropping
* Expose More Feature Flags
* Replace ``Mob Spawning`` Feature Flag With ``Force Mob Spawning``
* Fix ``ESC`` Key In Options Menu When ``Miscellaneous Input Fixes`` Is Enabled
* Fix Translucent Preview Items In Furnace UI Being Fully Opaque When The ``gui_blocks`` Atlas Is Disabled
* Use Default Port In ``servers.txt`` If Not Specified
* Fix Sign Text Not Updating In Multiplayer When Exiting Editing UI Using Escape Button
* Fix Item Dropping Not Working
* Fix Toolbar Size In Normal GUI
* Show Reborn Version In Start Screen
* External Server Support
* Optimize Media Layer Proxy
* Make ``kill`` Admin Command Print Death Message
* Fix Mouse Cursor Bugs
* Fix Blank Screen On Twister OS
* Major Rewrite