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Find magical relics throughout the world!

This mod adds several magical items and blocks that can be found randomly throughout the world.

This mod was created for ModFest 1.15


  • Magical Orbs and Staffs With Randomly-Generated Actions
  • Randomly-Generated Time Temples
    • Add reliccraft_time_templ to your Superflat preset
    • Locate with the /locate RelicCraft_Time_Temple command
  • Time Dilaters
    • Dilate the world's speed from Normal, to Fast, and to Very Fast
  • Teleportation Restrictors
    • Fueled by a Dragon Egg
    • 128x128x128 radius
      • 4-Second Cooldown When Leaving Field
  • Teleportation Beacons
    • Fueled by a Dragon Egg
  • Dragon Eggs are Now Renewable


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