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Installing libpng version 1.2.59 - September 28, 2017
On Unix/Linux and similar systems, you can simply type
./configure [--prefix=/path]
make check
make install
and ignore the rest of this document.
If configure does not work on your system and you have a reasonably
up-to-date set of tools, running ./ before running ./configure
may fix the problem. You can also run the individual commands in with the --force option, if supported by your version of
the tools. If you run 'libtoolize --force', though, this will replace
the distributed, patched, version of with an unpatched version
and your shared library builds may fail to produce libraries with the
correct version numbers.
Instead, you can use one of the custom-built makefiles in the
"scripts" directory
cp scripts/makefile.system makefile
make test
make install
The files that are presently available in the scripts directory
are listed and described in scripts/README.txt.
Or you can use one of the "projects" in the "projects" directory.
Before installing libpng, you must first install zlib, if it
is not already on your system. zlib can usually be found
wherever you got libpng. zlib can be placed in another directory,
at the same level as libpng.
If you want to use "cmake" (see, type
make install
If your system already has a preinstalled zlib you will still need
to have access to the zlib.h and zconf.h include files that
correspond to the version of zlib that's installed.
You can rename the directories that you downloaded (they
might be called "libpng-1.2.59" or "libpng12" and "zlib-1.2.3"
or "zlib123") so that you have directories called "zlib" and "libpng".
Your directory structure should look like this:
.. (the parent directory)
libpng (this directory)
INSTALL (this file)
CMakeLists.txt => "cmake" script
configuration files:, configure,,,, config.guess,, missing,
aclocal.m4,, config.sub,
depcomp, install-sh, mkinstalldirs,
cbuilder5 (Borland)
visualc6 (msvc)
*.def (module definition files)
If the line endings in the files look funny, you may wish to get the other
distribution of libpng. It is available in both tar.gz (UNIX style line
endings) and zip (DOS style line endings) formats.
If you are building libpng with MSVC, you can enter the
libpng projects\visualc6 or visualc71 directory and follow the instructions
in README.txt.
Otherwise enter the zlib directory and follow the instructions in zlib/README,
then come back here and run "configure" or choose the appropriate
makefile.sys in the scripts directory.
Copy the file (or files) that you need from the
scripts directory into this directory, for example
MSDOS example: copy scripts\makefile.msc makefile
UNIX example: cp scripts/makefile.std makefile
Read the makefile to see if you need to change any source or
target directories to match your preferences.
Then read pngconf.h to see if you want to make any configuration
Then just run "make" which will create the libpng library in
this directory and "make test" which will run a quick test that reads
the "pngtest.png" file and writes a "pngout.png" file that should be
identical to it. Look for "9782 zero samples" in the output of the
test. For more confidence, you can run another test by typing
"pngtest pngnow.png" and looking for "289 zero samples" in the output.
Also, you can run "pngtest -m contrib/pngsuite/*.png" and compare
your output with the result shown in contrib/pngsuite/README.
Most of the makefiles will allow you to run "make install" to
put the library in its final resting place (if you want to
do that, run "make install" in the zlib directory first if necessary).
Some also allow you to run "make test-installed" after you have
run "make install".
If you encounter a compiler error message complaining about the
__png.h__ already includes setjmp.h;
__dont__ include it again.;
this means you have compiled another module that includes setjmp.h,
which is hazardous because the two modules might not include exactly
the same setjmp.h. If you are sure that you know what you are doing
and that they are exactly the same, then you can comment out or
delete the two lines. Better yet, use the cexcept interface
instead, as demonstrated in contrib/visupng of the libpng distribution.
Further information can be found in the README and libpng.txt
files, in the individual makefiles, in png.h, and the manual pages
libpng.3 and png.5.
Using the ./configure script -- 16 December 2002.
The ./configure script should work compatibly with what scripts/makefile.*
did, however there are some options you need to add to configure explicitly,
which previously was done semi-automatically (if you didn't edit
scripts/makefile.* yourself, that is)
CFLAGS="-Wall -O -funroll-loops \
-malign-loops=2 -malign-functions=2" ./configure --prefix=/usr/include \
--with-pkgconfigdir=/usr/lib/pkgconfig --includedir=/usr/include
You can alternatively specify --includedir=/usr/include, /usr/local/include,
/usr/include/png12, or whatever.