Minecraft: Pi Edition Modding Project https://mcpirevival.tk/
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Minecraft: Pi Edition: Reborn

Minecraft: Pi Edition Modding Project

Getting Started

Debian/Raspbian Buster Users

  1. Install Newer libseccomp2
    # Install Backports Key
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 04EE7237B7D453EC
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 648ACFD622F3D138
    # Install Backports Repository
    echo 'deb http://deb.debian.org/debian buster-backports main' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
    # Update APT Index
    sudo apt update
    # Install Updated libseccomp2
    sudo apt install -t buster-backports libseccomp2
  2. Install Official Docker Build
    curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com -o get-docker.sh
    sudo sh get-docker.sh
  3. Remove Vanilla Minecraft: Pi Edition Package If Installed (sudo apt remove minecraft-pi)
  4. Transfer Vanilla Minecraft: Pi Edition Worlds If Present (mv ~/.minecraft ~/.minecraft-pi)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download Appropriate Package From Here (See Table Below)
  2. Install With sudo apt install ./<Path To File>
  3. Have Fun!

Package Table

Package Description
minecraft-pi-reborn-server Minecraft Pi Edition Modded Into A Dedicated Server
minecraft-pi-reborn-virgl Minecraft Pi Edition Using VirGL For Hardware Acceleration (Recommended For Desktop)
minecraft-pi-reborn-native Minecraft: Pi Edition Using Docker Device Mounting For GPU Acceleration (Recommended For ARM Devices (ie. Raspberry Pi, PinePhone, etc))


Game logs are located in /tmp/minecraft-pi.

Couldn't connect to Docker daemon at http+docker://localhost - is it running?

Start Docker if it isn't running:

sudo service docker start

Error response from daemon: error gathering device information while adding custom device "/dev/dri": no such file or directory

Make sure you are using the correct GPU drivers for your system.

If you are using a Raspberry Pi, make sure your GPU driver is set to Full KMS or Fake KMS in raspi-config.

Segmentation Fault (Exit Code: 139)

Report an issue with reproduction instructions and system details.

[ERR]: Invalid ~/.minecraft-pi Permissions

Update ~/.minecraft-pi permissions:

sudo chown -R "$(id -u):$(id -g)" ~/.minecraft-pi
chmod -R u+rw ~/.minecraft-pi

Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is a version of Minecraft: Pi Edition modified to run in a headless environment. It loads settings from a server.properties file.

To use, install the minecraft-pi-reborn-server package and run minecraft-pi-reborn-server. It will generate the world and server.properties in the current directory.

This server is also compatible with MCPE Alpha v0.6.1.


  • Player data is not saved because of limitations with MCPE LAN worlds
    • An easy workaround is to place your inventory in a chest before logging off
  • Survival Mode servers are only compatible with minecraft-pi-reborn clients


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