Minecraft: Pi Edition Modding Project https://mcpirevival.tk/
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TRUE Fix Bow & Arrow
TRUE Fix Attacking
FALSE Force Mob Spawning
TRUE Fancy Graphics
TRUE Disable Autojump By Default
TRUE Display Nametags By Default
TRUE Fix Sign Placement
TRUE Show Block Outlines
FALSE Expand Creative Inventory
FALSE Remove Creative Mode Restrictions
FALSE Peaceful Mode
TRUE Animated Water
TRUE Remove Invalid Item Background
TRUE Disable "gui_blocks" Atlas
TRUE Smooth Lighting
FALSE 3D Anaglyph
TRUE Fix Camera Rendering
TRUE Implement Chat
FALSE Hide Chat Messages
TRUE Implement Death Messages
TRUE Implement Game-Mode Switching
TRUE Allow Joining Survival Servers
TRUE Miscellaneous Input Fixes
TRUE Bind "Q" Key To Item Dropping
TRUE Bind Common Toggleable Options To Function Keys
TRUE Render Selected Item Text
TRUE External Server Support
TRUE Load Language Files
TRUE Implement Sound Engine