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# EnergonRelics
Simple Technology Mod
## Documentation
[View Documentation](docs/
## Changelog
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# Blocks
## Veridium Ore
- Same Rarity As Gold Ore
## Veridium Block
- Storage Block Of Veridium
## Solar Panel
- Produces Energy From Skylight
## Energon Light
- Produces Light From Energy
## Thermal Casing
- Base Block For Reactor And Battery Multi-Blocks
## Thermal Glass
- Transparent Version Of Thermal Casing
## Reactor Core
- Core Of A Reactor
- Must Be Surrounded By: Only 1 Reactor Controller And At Least 1 Reactor Input, All Other Blocks Must Be Either Thermal Casing Or Thermal Glass
## Reactor Controller
- Controller Of Reactor
## Reactor Input
- Input For Reactor
## Battery Core
- Core Of A Battery
- Must Be Surrounded By: Only 1 Battery Controller, All Other Blocks Must Be Either Thermal Casing Or Thermal Glass
## Passive Battery Controller
- Controller Of Battery
- Only Charges At A Constant Rate
## Active Battery Controller
- Controller Of Battery
- Charges As Much As Possible
## Defensive Laser
- Shoots At All Living Entities In Range
## Block Breaker
- Uses Energy To Break The Block It Is Facing
## Forcefield Projector
- Uses Energy To Create A Solid Forcefield
## Tractor Beam Projector
- Uses Energy to Create A Tractor Beam
- Can Switch Between Push And Pull Modes Using A Redstone Signal
## Industrial Laser
- Uses Energy To Produce A Non-Solid Forcefield That Damages Living Entities
- The Forcefield Generated Can Also Melt Ores To Produce Ingots
## Switch
[View Info](
## Energy Projector
- Produces A Non-Solid Forcefield
- If The Forcefield Hits Obsidian it WIll Be Converted Into Energized Obsidian
## Energy Portal
- Nether Portal That Multiplies By 16x Instead Of 8x
- Produced By This Formation:
O = Obsidian Or Energized Obsidian
E = Energized Obsidian
A = Air
- Does Not Generate A Return Portal
- When Used In The End, It Will Just Teleport You To World Spawn
## Creative Energy Source
- Generates Infinite Energy For Creative Players
## Lightning Rod
- Generates Energy When Struck By Lightning
## Holographic Sky
- Uses Energy To Produce A Fake Sky

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# Energy System
## Vocabulary
| Term | Definition |
| --- | ---|
| Energy Receiver | A Block That Receives Energy |
| Energy Provider | A Block That Provides Energy |
| Network | A System Of Energy Receivers Connected To A System Of Energy Providers |
| Energon | The Base Unit Of Energy |
## Energy Provider Behavior
An Energy Provider provides energy to the Energy Receivers in its network. An Energy Provider can also be an Energy Receiver. An Energy Provider can only provide energy to an Energy provider that is in the same dimension and is at most 64 blocks away.
## Network Chip
The Network Chip is used to create and manipulate networks. To add an Energy Receiver to a network, right-click it with the network's Network Chip. To add an Energy Provider to a network, right-click it with the Network Chip, the Network Chip will be removed from your inventory. If a block is both an Energy Receiver and an Energy Provider, shift-right-click it to add it as an Energy Receiver to the network, and right-click it to add it as an Energy Provider to the network. To duplicate a Network Chip combine it with a [Circuit Board]( in a crafting area.
## Switch
The Switch block is used to selectively activate different devices. It is an Energy Provider and an Energy Receiver. If it is receiving a Redstone signal it will propagate all the Energy Receivers in its sub-network to the Energy Providers in its main-network.

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# Items
## Circuit Board
- Base Component In Most Crafting Recipes
- Found In Research Complex Structure
## Network Chip
[View Info](
## Veridium Ingot
- Ingot Of Veridium
- Obtained By Smelting [Veridium Ore](
## Veridium Powder
- Powder Of Veridium
- Obtained By Stonecutting Veridium Ingot
## Potion Of Degradation
- Created Using Veridium Powder And An Awkward Potion
- Reduces Max-Health To 1 Half-Heart
## Veridium Orb
- Created By Infusing A Veridium Ingot
## Multimeter
- Measures How Much Energy A Block Requires And/Or Generates
## Defensive laser Core
- Core Component Of A [Defensive Laser](

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# Documentation
[View Energy System](
[View Items](
[View Blocks](
[View Structures](

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# Structures
## Research Complex
A small underground structure that contains an example Reactor and resources including [Circuit Boards]( This structure has the same rarity as Igloos.